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    xGamers - xGs

    Post by nGP|EcstatiC on Mon Feb 14, 2011 4:25 pm

    Clan Name: xGamers
    Clan Tag: xGs
    Clan Website:
    Clan Country: Latin America

    Manager(s): xGs SpaWn
    Country - United States
    -Character name and code: xGsSpaWn#455

    xGs dUnNe


    t- xGs SpaWn (USA) (xGsSpawn.455)
    p- xGs dUnNe (Bolivia) (dUnNe.916)

    z- xGs ZhevZ (Bolivia) (ZhevZ.294)

    p- xGs Fenrir (Colombia) (Fenrir.459)

    z- xGs Leugim (Bolivia) (Leugim.273)

    z- xGs Skynet(Bolivia) (Skynet.540)

    p- xGs Quetzalcoatl (Mexico) (Quetzalcoatl.194)

    t- xGs Raiden (Colombia) (Raiden.880)

    z- xGs Brol1 (Mexico) (BroLi #467)

    z- xGs Story ( Mexico) ( Story#880)

    P- xGs Mayka (Mexico) (xGsMayKa.683)

    z- xGs Silence (Mexico) (Silence#446)

    Country - Race - Character name and code

    Clan Achievements: Top Latin American team formed in 2000, Division 1 World Gaming Tour Clan League, Represented Mexico in 4 years of World Cyber Games in a row, won several LAN tournaments such as Electronic Game Show, Panamerican Championships, Aldea Digital, etc..

    Individual achievements: top standings in Alienware Arena Latin america Challenge, top in LANs both in Mexico & Bolivia, only team to ever be recognized among best non korean teams in SCBW and top Latinamerican team.

    Latest 3 clan war results: (Latest not best. If we find out you "forgot" to post certain clan war results and instead posted better results it will be taken into account)
    xGamers 1-4 1nsanity
    xGamers 2-4 PMS|H2O
    xGamers 4-1 EQK
    xGamers 3-1 SST
    xGamers 6-1 ChL
    xGamers 3-5 LG)

    Leagues clan is currently playing in: All friendly matches at this time unfortunately previous qualifiers for NGP didn't go so well vs the now top team Eleven Gaming and all other leagues couldn't apply due to league already started....

    I hope you guys give us another opportunity we are hoping to represent our countries the way we know we can and have rematch with Eleven Gaming Smile

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