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    Flow Gaming - FG


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    Flow Gaming - FG

    Post by nGP|EcstatiC on Mon Feb 14, 2011 4:27 pm

    Clan Name: Flow Gaming
    Clan Tag: FG
    Clan Website: n/a
    Clan Country: U.S.A

    Manager(s): OmniEulogy
    Country - Canada
    -Character name and code: OmniEulogy.220

    Manager(s): nath
    Country - U.S.A
    MSN: n/a
    Character name and code: nath.936


    Billtownxc.150 Terran, USA
    Damon.594 Zerg, USA
    Grey.146 Zerg, Australia
    OmniEulogy.220 Protoss, Canada
    nath.936 Terran, USA
    Flow.455 Protoss, USA
    ZoidbergMD.271 Terran, USA
    Max.1380 Terran, Peru
    Triky.148 Protoss, Peru

    Clan Achievements: n/a

    Individual Achievements: Billtownxc - ro16 TL open qualifier - Top 1000 Master league.

    Latest 3 clan war results: Stoic vs FG - Loss 4-3 in favor of Stoic.

    Leagues clan currently plays in: n/a - New team trying to get into competitive gaming.

    If I have forgotten any information please let me know ^^


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    Re: Flow Gaming - FG

    Post by OmniEulogy on Sun Feb 20, 2011 11:46 pm

    Huge change in our line-up. I'll re-post the members names and character codes as most of them have changed.

    FGOmniEulogy.751 Protoss, Canada
    FGNath.852 Terran, USA
    FGtriky.528 Protoss, Peru
    Artemis.597 Terran, USA
    FGiSignals. Protoss, USA
    FGCostom.675 Zerg, USA
    FGMagic.950 Zerg, USA
    FGZoidbergMD.604 Terran, USA
    FGMax.180 Terran, Peru
    Flow.455 Protoss, USA
    WritersBlock.815 Protoss, Canada
    Billtownxc.150 Terran, USA

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