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    Think Quick - tQ


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    Think Quick - tQ

    Post by nGP|EcstatiC on Tue Feb 15, 2011 4:41 pm

    Clan Name: Team Think Quick
    Clan Tag: tQ
    Clan Website:
    Clan Country: USA

    USA - tQwinteR
    -Character name and code: Supreme.594
    USA - tQAtticus
    -MSN: Update later
    -Character name and code: tQAtticus.572

    Roster: I am unsure how many i am able to include on the roster, but for now here are our starting 5, give or take.
    USA - Protoss - tQState.245
    USA - Protoss - tQSKuLLz.964
    TBD - Random - tQorGETSLAMT.558
    USA - Random - tQDanTe.421
    USA - Zerg - tQPingPong.219
    USA - Zerg - tQJaySu.441

    Clan Achievements:
    CEVO Season 1 Playoffs
    SCL Season 1 Playoffs

    Individual achievements:
    If this pertains solely to me, I have little inside the world of SC2.

    Latest 3 clan war results:
    These are the latest 3 competitive clan wars:
    tQ vs CNB 4-1 CLS Week 5
    tQ vs VT 4-0 CLS Week 4
    tQ vs VG 1-4 CLS Week 3

    Friendly CWs as of late:
    2/12/11: tQ 4-0 vs Team BeerCraft (new team consisting of some old GMMA members)
    2/8/11 Friendly CW: tQ 5-2 vs Team CLS

    Leagues clan is currently playing in:


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    Re: Think Quick - tQ

    Post by Leto on Wed Mar 02, 2011 12:46 am

    Hi, I'd like to introduce/add myself as a manager for tQ in addition to those listed here. My contact information is as follows:

    USA - sntLeto
    -MSN: Update later
    -Character name and code: sntleto.503

    Also, we would like to update our roster to include those listed previously as well as adding the following players:
    P USA tQMewtwo.168
    P USA tQkcdc.274

    T USA tQSadist.304
    T USA tQSungpa.842
    T USA tQWannBe
    T CAN tQArchaic
    T USA eNroGMMA.496

    Z CAN tQPingPong.219
    Z USA tQswarm.883
    Z Z USA tQAtticus.572
    Z USA tQBar.185
    Z USA Xog
    Z USA tQaquanda.268



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    Re: Think Quick - tQ

    Post by tQwinteR on Wed Mar 02, 2011 12:52 am

    Just throwing in a reply to let you all at NGP know that Leto is in fact taking the rains on this league for Team tQ.

    For all future contact, please refer directly to Leto, and to me if he is not available.

    Also Hope the roster addition is okay as there was no roster cap provided.


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    Re: Think Quick - tQ

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