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    Season 2 Begins!


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    Season 2 Begins!

    Post by nGP|EcstatiC on Mon Feb 28, 2011 4:15 pm

    Last night we saw the conclusion to what has been a thrilling league for me to both run and participate in, and I hope that all S1 participants feel the same way.

    First off, we had the 3rd/4th place match between USA sC and USA elevengaming to determine who gets the top seed for qualifiers. The match started off well, with both xi and sC taking a series, but then shortly after, xi won the remaining 1v1 series and won the war without having to play the 2v2 series.

    In the finals, we had USA LaG up against China MnM, the third and fifth place teams from the regular season respectively, who managed to defy all odds and win 2 playoff wars. In fact, all of the playoff wars were won by one of these 2 teams. In the first round, USA LaG knocked out Argentina LG by the most minuscule of margins, while China MnM shot past USA eP with relative ease. Then, USA LaG was against the 2nd place team from the regular season, USA sC, but crushed them mercilessly 4:0, and China MnM, in probably the biggest upset in the history of the nGP just squeezed out the win over the first place team from the regular season USA xi by going to the 3rd game in the 5th series.

    So, as you can see here:, China MnM handily defeated USA LaG by a score of 4:0, and so they are our Champions of the Nightmare Gaming Project's First Season!

    Now, on to season 2. We will be running a 2 week qualifier with 24 teams. It will be single elimination and we will be accepting 6 teams into the regular season to compete alongside season 1 champions and runners-up: China MnM and USA LaG. Without further ado, here are the seedings:

    1. USA elevengaming (xi)
    2. USA Team sC (sC)
    3. USA Think Quick (tQ)
    4. USA 1nsanity (iNs)
    5. USA Eternal Plague (eP
    6. USA Nzar's Kingdom ([N])
    7. USA Team oTL (oTL)
    8. USA iNtimidation Gaming (iNti)
    9. USA Team Skynet (SkyZ)
    10. USA Double D (DD)
    11. USA Must Be Nice (mBn)
    12. USA OverDosed (OD)
    13. Canada No Skill (nS)
    14. Mexico xGamers (xGs)
    15. Australia Terror Australis (TA)
    16. USA Rage of War (RoW)
    17. USA Fever Team (FEVER)
    18. Can/USA iRA Gaming (iRA)
    19. USA Beercrafters (40oz)
    20. USA GosuFactory (gF)
    21. USA Flow Gaming (FG)
    22. USA Proxiteam (prOxi)
    23. Brazil iMbalanced Team (iMba)
    24. USA Judicator Aldaris (JA)

    Unfortunately we couldn't accept all applicants to our league, and sadly Argentina LG, a great team from S1, disbanded during the off-season, and so will not be able to participate.

    And now we have our matches for this week:

    1. USA elevengaming (xi) [9:FF] 24. USA Judicator Aldaris (JA)
    2. USA Team sC (sC) vs 23. Brazil iMbalanced Team (iMba)
    3. USA Think Quick (tQ) [9:0] 22. USA Proxiteam (prOxi)
    4. USA 1nsanity (iNs) [8:1] 21. USA Flow Gaming (FG)
    5. USA Eternal Plague (eP) [5:4] 20. USA GosuFactory (gF)
    6. USA Nzar's Kingdom ([N]) [5:4] 19. USA Beercrafters (40oz)
    7. USA Team oTL (oTL) vs 18. Can/USA iRA Gaming (iRA)
    8. USA iNtimidation Gaming (iNti) [7:2] 17. USA Fever Team (FEVER)
    9. USA Team Skynet (SkyZ) [9:FF) 16. USA Rage of War (RoW)
    10. USA Double D (DD) [4:5] 15. Australia Terror Australis (TA)
    11. USA Must Be Nice (mBn) [7:2] 14. Mexico xGamers (xGs)
    12. USA OverDosed (OD) [8:1] 13 Canada No Skill (nS)

    And remember, we are using the new format described in this post: 3 rounds of 3 games each.

    The maps for the first round of qualifiers will be:

    Round 1: Metalopolis
    Round 2: GSL Crossfire SE
    Round 3: Xel'Naga Caverns

    Very Important Notes:
    All matches must be scheduled by Friday March 4th at 11:59 pm EST, and played by Sunday March 6th at 11:59 pm EST. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE GIVEN FOR QUALIFIERS. Teams will simply be removed if they are not keeping up.

    Lineups must be sent in 30 minutes before, clearly specifying players A, B and C. Once again, we will be very strict on violations during qualifiers, so please be thorough.

    And I know we didn't care about it in S1, but, all replays must be submitted to the league along with the war results. This goes for qualifiers too.

    Teams will be given 1 sub card per qualifier round. A sub card may be used to change out one player for another, and can be used at any point in the war. Sub cards will be non-transferable from one round to another.

    The rules are not completely up to date, and so if there is a dispute, any admin has the ability to overrule a written rule if he feels it is necessary to maintain fairness and equality.


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    Re: Season 2 Begins!

    Post by nGP|Beast on Mon Feb 28, 2011 5:14 pm

    are all the team profiles gonna get posted?


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    Re: Season 2 Begins!

    Post by Bitters on Tue Mar 01, 2011 11:46 am

    Where do we need to send the line-ups into before hand?

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    Re: Season 2 Begins!

    Post by nGP|EcstatiC on Sat Mar 05, 2011 4:40 pm

    send them to the same email you sent your applications:


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    Re: Season 2 Begins!

    Post by Killerhands on Sat Mar 05, 2011 10:31 pm

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    Re: Season 2 Begins!

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