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    Rage of War - RoW


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    Rage of War - RoW

    Post by nGP|EcstatiC on Tue Mar 01, 2011 2:59 pm

    Clan Name: Rage of War
    Clan Tag: RoW
    Clan Website:
    Clan Country: US

    Manager(s): Benson
    Country - US

    -Character name and code: LaGTTIcedtea.241

    Manager(s): Karlo
    Country - US
    -Character name and code: Meftw.657

    Manager(s): Gordon
    Country - CA
    -Character name and code: Feltfirefox.340

    US Zerg Icedtea.241
    US Terran Meftw.657
    CA Protoss Feltfirefox.340
    US Zerg McDonoughSP . 930
    US Zerg SafeWord.305
    US Terran Coors . 245

    Clan Achievements: Playoffs for cevo open season 1, qualified for ESGL

    Individual achievements:
    Icedtea: got 2nd place twice in two tournaments on zeek
    Meftw: CMSL 5th place
    Feltfirefox: 5th at a LAN and just qualified for it again.

    Latest 3 clan war results:
    RoW vs Stetman squad we won 4-0
    RoW vs Team SC we won 4-3
    RoW vs Kiwi clone we lost 1-6

    Leagues clan is currently playing in: Cevo & ESGL

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