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    Season 2 Regular Season!


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    Season 2 Regular Season!

    Post by nGP|EcstatiC on Tue Mar 15, 2011 5:10 pm

    Some opening notes:

    Format: Okay I've gotten feedback from most of the teams and managers, and I've decided that the format will STAY. As such, I created the schedule in a home/away style, so the home team's 3 players will stay fixed, while the away team's players will rotate around them. The full schedule is available here:

    Map Pool: I've made some small modifications to the Map Pool. I've changed Metalopolis to 'TSL 3 Metalopolis' because it has the close spawn disabled, and Shakura's Plateau has been changed to 'TSL 3 Shakura's Plateau' because it has the back door spawns disabled (only diagonal positions). AND, I will be adding 'MLG iCCup Testbug' to the map pool. You won't be penalized for playing the ladder versions of MT or SP, but the spawns on those maps can be retarded. The full map pool is available here:

    Penalty Points: I know I haven't been strict about anything in the qualifiers, because there was just too much going on for me to keep track of all the rules being broken, but that will change. All replays must be uploaded and provided to me either by emailing the links, or posting the links in the appropriate thread on the site. Each team is responsible for the replays of the games that they won, and will be penalized 0.1 PP for each missing replay. Also, lineups must be sent in 30 minutes before the scheduled time. Lineups must include each player's name, country, SC2 race and be clearly marked either A, B or C. Teams will be penalized 0.5 PP for a late or incomplete lineup. Third, all 9 games in a war must be played, even if the result of the war is determined before the final round. Teams do not lose points for lost games, but each win is a point given directly to their standing. Teams will get 0.5 PP for each game that is forfeited.

    The Rules have been completely updated. All portions of the rule page are now accurate and applicable. Link:

    Teams will be giving 3 subcards and 1 Crazy Card for the entirety of the regular season. The abilites and limitations are listed in detail in Section 8 of the rules.

    *It has come to my attention that some people don't know how to get to the forums of the site*
    Simply click on 'Home' up on the main menu bar

    Here are the results from last week:

    1. USA elevengaming (xi) [7:2] 12. USA Double D (DD)
    2. USA Team sC (sC) [5:3] 11. USA OverDosed (OD)
    3. USA 1nsanity (iNs) [5:3] 9. 10. USA Must Be Nice (mBn)
    4. USA Eternal Plague (eP) vs 9. Australia Terror Australis (TA)
    5. USA Nzar's Kingdom ([N]) [6:1] 8. USA Team Skynet (SkyZ)
    6. USA Team oTL(oTL) [3:5] 7. USA iNtimidation Gaming (iNti)

    Also I'd like to congratulate Australia Terror Australis for qualifying for the league despite being seeded 15th. Furthermore I'd like to apologize for seeding them 15th.

    And so here are the teams which will be participating in Season 2 of the Nightmare Gaming Project:

    China Micro and Macro (MnM)
    USA Latest and Greatest Gaming (LaG.TT)
    USA elevengaming (xi)
    USA Team sC (sC)
    USA 1nsanity (iNs).
    USA Nzar's Kingdom ([N])
    USA iNtimidation Gaming (iNti)
    Australia Terror Australis (TA)




    Okay, so now to begin the first week of the regular season:

    USA LaG @ USA [N] - Saturday 6pm EST

    China MnM @ USA iNti

    USA Xi @ Australia TA

    USA sC @ USA iNs

    Remeber the away team (the team on the left) rotates around the home team (on the right).

    The maps are:

    Round 1: TSL 3 Shakura's Plateau
    Round 2: MLG iCCup Testbug
    Round 3: GSL Terminus Re


    -Rules will be up to date as of 1 hour or so after this post
    -Matches must be scheduled by Friday Mar 18 at 11:59 pm EST
    -Matches must be played by Sunday Mar 20 at 11:59 pm EST
    -Read the opening notes or I will find out


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