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    Welcome to the Nightmare Gaming Project


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    Welcome to the Nightmare Gaming Project

    Post by nGP|EcstatiC on Fri Nov 05, 2010 9:25 am

    Hello there! Welcome to the Nightmare Gaming Project

    We aim to be one of the most recognized, best organized, and most highly respected league for Starcraft II teams on the North American server.

    We are currently in the application phase, so if you would like your team to participate, please send an email to with the following information with the subject reading Team Application (your team here):

    -Team Name (eg Nightmare Gaming)
    -Team Handle (eg nG)
    -Team Country
    -Managerial Information (Head/Asst. Managers, as well as country SC2 name/ID Code, email, msn, and best way to contact)
    -Notable team achievements (Please dont list every and all achievements from your entire roster, just the impressive ones)
    -Team Roster (include country, race and SC2 name/id code)

    you must have a roster of at least 6 players which may include the managers
    you must also agree to abide by all the rules and conditions stated in the rules thread, under league information.

    There is no official date as to when qualifiers will begin, nor have we decided how many teams we will take into qualifiers and then into the regular season. the lenght of the regular season will depend on the number of teams that we decide to take. The clan wars will be played in the following format : 4 1v1 bo3s, and a 2v2 bo3.

    The method by which we will go about playoffs will determined later in the season. There is no official prize yet, i will probably end up paying out of pocket if all teams are well-mannered and the season runs smoothly, and there is also the option of sponsors stepping in.

    One thing that should be of note to all teams interested is that we will include an All-Star Game which will take place between the completion of the regular season and the beginning of playoffs. any participating teams must be able to supply at least one player to this event if called upon, possibly

    On that note, if you are a business that would like to sponsor our league, please email us at with details of your proposal.

    Finally, as our admin staff is quite short, if you would like to help us with any sort of administrating, whether it be match admin, article/interview staff, casting or anything else you can think of, dont hestitate to apply to

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    Re: Welcome to the Nightmare Gaming Project

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