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    Qualifiers Begin!


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    Qualifiers Begin!

    Post by nGP|EcstatiC on Tue Nov 23, 2010 12:17 am

    First of all, let me start by thanking all the teams who applied for their interest in our league.

    Now lets get down to business. Unfortunately, only 14 teams applied, which was short of the 16 i wanted to run a full qualifier. Since we were so close, i didnt want to arbitrarily select 8 teams to participate in the regular season, but i dont want to drag out the qualifiers for 3 weeks with some crazy format to accommodate for the uncomfortable number of teams. So what i decided to do, although im not too proud of it, is to auto-accept two teams into the regular season, and have the remaining 12 play a single elimination qualifier round to see who gets the remaining 6 spots.

    The auto-accepted teams are:
    China MnM
    USA nG

    The Seedings for the qualifier round are (in order):
    1. USA vVv (vVv)
    2. USA (sTk)
    3. USA Latest and Greatest Gaming (LaG)
    4. USA Stoic Esports Associated (Stc)
    5. International xGamers (xGs)
    6. Mexico Devastate Gaming (DeVa)
    7. Argentina Latin Gamers (LG)
    8. USA elevengaming (xi)
    9. USA Team Overdosed (OD)
    10. USA Extreme Dominance (xD)
    11. USA OgMai NeKa (NeKa)
    12. USA Grill Team Alpha (gTA)

    So the matches for the qualifier will be:
    USA vVv vs USA gTA - Monday 8pm EST
    USA sTk [5:FF] USA NeKa - NeKa disbands
    USA LaG [3:0] USA xD
    USA Stc [3:2] USA OD
    International xGs [0:5] USA xi
    Mexico DeVa [2:3] Argentina LG

    And the starting maps are
    Set 1: Steppes of War (SW)
    Set 2: Scrap Station (SS)
    Set 3: iCCup Fury (FR)
    Set 4: Metalopolis (MT)
    2v2: War Zone

    Teams have until Friday November 26th at 11:59 pm EST to have their matches scheduled, and all matches must be completed by Sunday November 28 at 11:59 pm EST.

    There are no sub cards or wild cards for the qualifier round.

    Because it is simply based on a win or loss, teams will not be penalized if they choose not to complete all the series once a team wins 3 sets. THIS WILL NOT BE THE CASE IN THE REGULAR SEASON.

    Any roster changes made before Wednesday November 24 at 11:59 pm EST will be eligible for the qualifier round, but any later and the standard one-week rule will apply.

    Remember, each set including the 2v2s are bo3, and indicate which player is on which map when you send in the lineup. Within those bo3 sets, the losing player/team of the previous map gets to choose the next one, but the winning player/team gets 1 veto.

    GLHF to all!

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