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    nGP Begins!


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    nGP Begins!

    Post by nGP|EcstatiC on Sun Nov 28, 2010 11:17 pm

    After a pretty intense weekend for me and my admin staff, we survived the Qualifier round, well almost. Due to thanksgiving-related issues, vVv and gTA were unable to schedule their match in time, but they will have it finished on Monday Nov. 29. Im going to go ahead and announce this week anyhow, and the team they are facing will have to wait a day to begin scheduling.

    Well let me now give a big congratulations to all teams who qualified, we saw a complete shutout, and a war that game down to the 3rd map of the 5th set, so definitely some great matches already!

    This week also served as a way for us admins to spot potential problems from teams that might end up as PPs. Id like to mention several of these here:

    1) Lineups. lineups must be sent 30 minutes before the war begins, with each players race, country and ID code, as well as what map hes starting on.
    2) Replays. Each manager is responsible for the replays of the games which his team wins. This could be impossible if multiple series are played at once, so you might want to delegate responsibility to the players themselves. You can upload them wherever you want ( is simplest i believe) and then link them to the battle report of your match.
    3) Playing the wars. Several teams seemed unsure of how to go about playing the wars, and seemed dependent on the admins to organize it. Admins wont always be present, so it is up to you to contact the opposing manager, arrange a host, and begin the games.
    4) Map pool. I mentioned in an update that we are using a different map pool than and other leagues. please take time to review it, as several games were played on illegal maps this week.
    5) Notifying the league. you must send an email to the league when you have a confirmed date and time for your match, and after each war either post the results and replays in the relevant battle report, or email the league with replays/results

    PPs will be handed out for failing to follow 1, 2, 4 and 5

    That being said we boldly go forward in our leaguing adventure!

    Week 1 Match-ups: (the full schedule is available under League Information):

    USA nG [2:2] USA sTK

    USA LaG v Argentina LG - Sunday 5pm EST

    USA Stoic v USA gTA - Sunday 6pm EST

    China MnM v USA xi - Sunday 6pm EST

    And the maps for Week 1 are:

    iCCup Sanshorn Mist - SM
    Desert Oasis - DO
    Xel'Naga Caverns - XC
    Shakuras Plateau - SP

    iCCup Princess Fortress II - PF

    - Remember to schedule all wars before Friday at 11:59 pm EST
    - Post predictions in this thread!

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