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    Week 2!


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    Week 2!

    Post by nGP|EcstatiC on Mon Dec 06, 2010 4:14 pm

    So after a first week that did have some problems, particularly our site went down at the exact time when 3 wars were scheduled to happen. Bu all teams managed to get through it, and all the wars were played.

    Also we had a bit of a shake up with 2 teams. The team formerly known as LaG became sC, and the team formerly known as nG then merged with the remainder of LaG's gaming organization.

    Here are the results from Week 1:

    China MnM [2:3] USA xi

    USA Stoic [3:2] USA gTA

    USA sC [4:1] Argentina LG

    USA nG [2:2] USA sTK (nG wildcards SM series)

    And here are the matches for Week 2:

    USA LaG v USA sC

    Argentina LG v USA sTK

    USA Stoic v China MnM

    USA gTA v USA xi

    Also, I have replaced iCCup Enigma and Desert Oasis from the map pool with iCCup Neo Orbital Divide and Jungle Basin. That being said, here are the maps for Week 2:

    Jungle Basin (JB)
    Blistering Sands (BS)
    iCCup Sungsu Crossing (SC)
    Lost Temple (LT)
    High Orbit (HO)


    -Teams do not have to play the matches in any specific order. If a player is missing, a team may play all others series before using a sub or wildcard on that player
    -Admins WILL NOT always be present, so teams need to organize the clan wars themselves

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