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    [S1W2] LaG vs sC



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    [S1W2] LaG vs sC

    Post by nGP|FooTMeN. on Sun Dec 12, 2010 5:07 pm

    USA Latest and Greatest Gaming vs USA sC Gaming

    Sunday December 12 17:00 EST

    USA Protoss ReseT.714 [0:2] USA Terran fresh.554 - JB

    USA Zerg OdiN.311 [2:0] Canada Protoss raWr.851 - BS

    USA Protoss oGevasion.680 [2:1] USA Terran sCFade.242 - SC, XC, LT

    Peru Protoss Jarrah.815 [0:2] Canada Zerg PLZLEAVEDUCK.264 - LT, JB

    USA Protoss ReseT.714 USA Protoss EzaLB.988 [0:0] USA Terran sCFade.242 Canada Protoss raWr.851 - HO Wildcarded

    USA LaG [2:2] USA sC


    0.5 PP to USA LaG for sending lineup to wrong email.
    0.5 PP to USA sC for late lineup.

    USA LaG wildcards 2v2 series.


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