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    Week 3!


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    Week 3!

    Post by nGP|EcstatiC on Mon Dec 13, 2010 5:21 pm

    So far so good. Week 2 has officially past and im happy to say not a single issue has yet been brought to my attention through either week, so id like to thank all the teams for being so well-mannered and agreeable.

    Secondly, there will no longer be any penalty points given for missing replays. However we will start getting stricter on late/incomplete lineups and illegal map use, which i would like to remind you guys once again is still happening.

    Maps like Delta Quadrant and Twilight Fortress are not in the map pool! Not all Bnet maps are. Everybody please read over the map pool here:

    But in any case, here are the results from week 2:

    USA LaG 2:2 USA sC - 2v2 Series wildcarded by LaG

    USA Stc 1:4 China MnM

    USA sTk 4:1 Argentina LG

    USA xi 3:2 USA gTA

    And here are the matches for week 3:

    USA LaG v Argentina LG

    USA sC v USA sTK

    USA Stoic v USA xi

    USA gTA v China MnM

    And finally here are the maps for this week:

    Set 1: iCCup Neo Orbital Divide (OD)
    Set 2: Shakuras Plateau (SP)
    Set 3: Steppes of War (SW)
    Set 4: Xel'Naga Caverns (XC)
    2v2: iCCup Grand Line (GL)



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