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    Final Week!


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    Final Week!

    Post by nGP|EcstatiC on Mon Jan 24, 2011 9:42 pm

    Unfortunately, i have to start his news post off with a bit of bad news. USA gTA has informed the league that they will no longer be participating. They played only 4 wars, and still had 3 remaining, so it wasnt easy to decide what to do with their matches, but ive decided that all their scores will be set to 0:0. This is unfortunate, i know, especially for teams that have played against them, but as far as i could see it was the only valid solution.

    Also this past week there was a bout of late scheduling and playing, as USA sTk and USA Stc have neither scheduled nor played their mach for week 6.

    But now to the lighter side, we are entering are final week of regular play! With gTA gone, theres now 6 playoff spots for 7 teams and its still not clear who will be the odd team out. Furthermore, the top 2 teams will receive byes through the first round of the playoffs, so i expect some great matches all around this week!

    Here are the results for week 6:

    USA LaG [0:0] USA gTA

    Argentina LG [2:2] China MnM - LG Wildcards 2v2 series

    USA sC [1:4] USA xi - Thursday 8:00 PM EST

    USA sTK ??? USA Stoic

    And here are the matches for week 7:

    USA LaG v USA Stoic - Sunday 7:00pm EST

    Argentina LG v bye

    USA sC v China MnM - Sunday 4:00pm EST

    USA sTK v USA xi - Saturday 9:00pm EST

    And here are the maps for W4:
    Set 1: Metalopolis (MT)
    Set 2: Blistering Sands (BS)
    Set 3: Xel'Naga Caverns (XC)
    Set 4: iCCup Sungsu Crossing (SC)
    2v2: iCCup Princess Fortress II (PF)


    Scores are up to date as of 5 minutes after this post
    It has been brought to my attention that LaG and LG never played their wildcarded 2v2 series from Week 3, and so the team that did not wildcard the series will receive an FF win, which in this case is LaG

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