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    Playoffs round 2!


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    Playoffs round 2!

    Post by nGP|EcstatiC on Sat Feb 05, 2011 11:22 pm

    We had some great wars this past week, and as theyre all finished for now, I might as well make the weekly post early. Just this evening we saw two amazingly close wars.

    First, we had name rivals USA LaG and Argentina LG facing one another. USA LaG came out swinging, taking down 2 bo3s 2:0 before the war seemed to have even begun, but Argentina LG didn't take this lying down, as they immediately hit back with a 2:0 win of their own. Then both teams watched and waited as the series between USA Protoss LaG.TT.Reset and Argentina Zerg LG.MuTa went to a third and final game. To the excitement of all those watching, and to the dismay of USA LaG, MuTa came out victorious after a hard-fought game. So on to the 2v2, where LaG's champion Canada Zerg JEcho teamed up with city-mate Canada Terran merLO to face off against the hero for Argentina LG: Argentina Zerg MuTa and Argentina LG's manager as well as the man who 2:0ed Canada Terran merLO, Argentina Protoss Retro. The first game was played on Arid Wastes, and immediately USA LaG grab a small lead with a nice reaper harass from Canada Terran merLO, while Canada Zerg JEcho beings drilling the back door into Argentina Protoss Retro's base. But soon enough the tides turn, and the Argentinian team catches LaG off guard, and Canada Zerg JEcho immediately retreats, while Canada Terran merLO's army is completely surrounded by a swarm of speedlings. With a great advantage now, LG converges on Canada Zerg JEcho's base, with only a handful of speedlings standing in defense against banelings and stalkers. Canada Terran merLO stims his entire army over, and together the USA LaG team fends off the attack, and then press into Argentina Protoss Retro's base via the back door. After a first attack where they took out a large number of workers, the USA LaG duo are finally fought off, but they can tell that theyre in the driving seat now. Argentina Zerg MuTa tries a few desperate run-byes, but the base defenses of the USA LaG team are too strong, and when a second push comes, Argentina LG taps out. Game 2 was on Scorched Haven, and both teams open similarly, except 3 players take fast expansions. The Argentina LG team quickly takes control of the game, preparing for a baneling bust/4-gate attack, but sensing extreme danger, Canada Terran merLO throws down 6 bunkers and an engineering bay in front of the entrances to his and his teammates base. Argentina LG is hesitant to attack, and for minutes stand outside the USA LaG base, checking for any opening in the fortifications. After what seems like ages, the Argentinians retreat, and then Canada Zerg JEcho and Argentina Zerg MuTa race for mutalisks. The USA LaG player gets there first, taking out numerous workers from the Argentinians. Argentina LG isnt done yet, as Argentina Zerg MuTa's mutalisks arrive in much greater number than Canada Zerg JEcho's, who pulls a fast tech switch to roaches. The Argentinian's mutalisks arrive at Canada Terran merLO's base, but are held off by a well place turret. The Canadians take this opportunity to press, and with Argentina Zerg MuTa's army completely out of position, the USA LaG team crushes its way into the next round.

    Final Result:

    USA LaG [3:2] Argentina LG

    4 hours later, the war between USA eP and China MnM took place. China MnM had started out the league very strong, but had lost their last 2 wars 4:1, and the only fault against USA eP was their penalty points. Both teams trade 2:0's, with Canada Protoss NvU and China Terran Jacknife quickly taking a series for their respective teams. Then a tragedy strikes USA eP as one of their star players, USA Protoss Perfect disappears just prior to his series beginning. USA eP is forced to sub in USA Protoss TheWrecker, who falls under the strength and ingenuity of China MnM star, China Protoss Vadar. Now with the score 2:1 in favour of China MnM, all members of both squads sit transfixed, waiting for the results from the 4th 1v1 series, USA Terran StrifeX against China Protoss LuckYnOOb. The series is tied at 1:1, and so with the result of the third game, the war could either end, or repeat the war from earlier that day, being decided by the 2v2 series. After what seems like ages, the result comes back, China Protoss LuckYnOOb has triumphed, and China MnM, finally free of their slump, is advancing in the playoffs.

    Final Result:

    China MnM [3:1] USA eP

    So the playoffs now look like this:

    This week we have the following matches:

    USA LaG v USA sC

    USA xi [2:3] China MnM

    Once again, all teams will have 1 sub card, and no wild cards, both USA LaG and China MnM didnt use their subcards from the first round, but they are not transferable.

    The starting maps for the first round of the playoffs are:

    Set 1: Blistering Sands - BS
    Set 2: Scrap Station - SS
    Set 3: Xel'Naga Caverns - XC
    Set 4: Metalopolis - MT
    2v2: High Orbit - HO

    Remember theres a 50$ prize for the champion team!

    Also I'd like to reiterate that applications for season 2 are open to any and all teams on the NA server. Applications will be open until Sunday February 27th at 11:59pm EST, after which we will begin qualifiers.

    The top 2 teams from Nightmare Gaming Project's first season will receive auto-acceptance berths into the regular season of S2, while 3rd and 4th place will receive top seeds.
    All the necessary information on season 2, including how to apply, the format, and the map pool, can be found here:

    So far, we have received applications from the following teams:

    USA [N]zar's Kingdom ([N])
    USA Proxiteam (prOxi)
    Mexico xGames (xGs)
    USA OverDosed (OD)
    USA 1nsanity (iNs)
    Australia Terror Australis (TA)
    USA Beercrafters (40oz)

    *Please note that if Argentina LG, USA eP, or USA Stoic wish to participate in season 2, they must email their application once more to the league. The 4 teams remaining need not reapply, as they are guaranteed at the very least top seeds in S2 qualifier. USA gTA is banned from season 2.

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